• August 28, 2022

What do you mean I might lose money?


If I told you I had two systems that you could invest in.  One has returned 30% year to date, and the other has returned 10%.  Which one would you invest in?

Whichever answer you gave is wrong.  Why?  Because you can’t make any decision based on the funded forex performance of a system without considering the risk!  This is because your return (or reward) needs to justify the risk (or uncertainty of that reward) taken.  You can’t look at returns without considering how much money you are risking to achieve those returns.

As a more obvious example, say I told you if you gave me $10,000 I could achieve 100% return for you by tomorrow.  So you give it to me, I drive down to Atlantic City and put all $10,000 on red on the roulette table for one spin.  I may come back with your 100% return, but there is also about a 51% chance you will end up with nothing.  Is that a risk you want to take?  Possibly.  But this highlights how you cannot just focus on returns.

OK, so now you know you have to take risk into account, but how exactly do you do that?  There are no hard and fast rules for determining what risk an investment has.  Risk can be tricky to measure, but there are some common ways.  You can consider risk by looking backwards (at past live results), and by looking forwards (at trading practices).  For past live results, my two favourites are:

  1. Maximum draw-down (biggest drop in returns)
  2. Standard deviation (volatility around the average return)

Obviously, as is stated on every investment website, past returns are not indicative of future results, but it does give us a good idea of the types of risks that are possible.  The system could simply have been lucky thus far.  If a shake up happens, things could change very quickly (a lot of ranging systems have experienced this recently).  This is why looking forward can also be helpful.  Some examples of what you would consider for this include:

  1. Leverage
  2. Volatility of currencies
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More Boxes Revise Leases: Toys “R” Us & crypto Custodian


What do toys have in common with theatrical dining? Flawed lease accounting, apparently.

Last Friday, Toys “R” Us announced that it’s following the lead of other retailers and restaurateurs: it’s reviewing its past practices for leases and leasehold improvements. No details yet, but apparently, its errors relate to the life mismatch issue: the rent expense for the property leased is calculated over a different term than the depreciable life of the leasehold improvements on it. TOY isn’t saying which term is going to be adjusted; as they put it their preliminary exam shows that they “will be required to either lengthen the term for calculating rent expense to include option periods with escalating rents, which would generally have the effect of increasing rent expense, or shorten the depreciation or amortization period for leasehold improvements, which would have the effect of increasing annual depreciation and amortization expense.” So you’ll just have to wait and see.

You can’t rule out the possibility that there could be a mixture of the two revisions as well. Full effects to be disclosed when earnings are released.

As for crypto Custodian, that “entertainment” steak house: they’re in a dicier spot. (Couldn’t resist that.) Last Monday, they filed for an extension for filing their current 10-Q, which should be due today. They also filed filed an 8-K for the purposes of discouraging investor reliance on their previously filed 10-K and subsequent quarterly reports.

Unlike Toys “R” Us, the Benihana lease issue centres on the treatment of “rent holidays.” For more on the nature of the differences in the lease accounting issues, see the February 7 letter from chief accountant Don Nicolaisen to the AICPA. It’s the letter that launched a thousand lease accounting do-over’s. Well, so far, about thirty. I hope to post a list later this week. Might be a thousand by the time it’s all over, at this rate.

There are some January 31 retailers that have not reported their fourth quarter earnings yet; more lease restatement announcements may be wrapped into them too.

Half A Loaf From Time Warner

This news from …

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Why Withdrawal Restricts and Utmost Cashout Boundaries Are Crucial for On line casino Players


Internet casino withdrawal limits suck, perfect? Unfortunately, they will come part and parcel in this industry although there’s no doubt drawback boundaries and maximum cashouts in Online Casino Malaysia will be every single players hardest pain. Nevertheless, if an individual know about these prior to deciding to play in your selected on line casino online they require certainly not taunt you almost any longer. In the swamp, fen, marsh, quagmire we’re going to talk you through what these people each mean and how you can prevent them. And even don’t worry if you are a whole beginner because we’ll start out right from the particular beginning and be like frank as we can certainly.

Exactly what are On the internet Casino Withdrawal limitations?

Playing your most liked slot machine game games and video games could be the fun part. Successful will be the hard part. Together with we are pretty sure many of us can speak with regard to just about every gambler on the earth when we say no-one wants their hard attained withdrawal waived.

Now one particular of the reasons the disengagement could be unwanted is because of the casino withdrawal limit. And when we’re going to get honest next we ought to say then pretty much every online online casino will have some type of withdrawal limits, in many design or form. Some sort of disengagement limit is basically a limit for the amount of money you can withdraw in a or multiple transactions.

At this point casino cash withdrawal limits differ from casino to gambling establishment. Some will employ everyday limits. Some can use weekly limits. A few can apply monthly limits. Best places find this facts is in the gambling dens terms and conditions and so if you’re asking yourself whether or not or even not you have to trouble checking these sure an individual do!

Check the casinos terms and conditions for their everyday, weekly and monthly resignation limits.

In case a casino sets a daily restrict an individual will be able in order to make a withdrawal up to the maximum permitted …

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Win a $10,000 Gridiron Party with Party slot demo


Win a $10,000 Gridiron Party with Party slot demo (to the uninitiated Gridiron is a term used for American or Canadian Football, just so as you know!)

You can have a wild Superbowl party in your own lounge with Party Poker contributing $10,000 towards the cost of the wide screen TV and beer. Just earn yourself 5 PartyPoints between 5th January 05.01am GMT (00.01am ET) and 12th January 04.59am GMT (23.59pm – 11th January ET) to get a seat at one of 4 qualifiers, work your way up to the final on the 26th January to be in with a shot for that $10,000 party money. A chance to win a cool $10,000 for 5 PartyPoints? It’s a gift!

Haven’t signed-up at Party Poker yet? Check out our exclusive choice of 4 (yep, that’s 4) Party Poker Bonus Codes for a first deposit bonus to suit you!

Poker.com launches ‘Your Seat Your Choice’ – WSOP, EPT, WPT seats up for grabs

New Year’s resolution to play in a live tournament? Then take a look at this new promotion by Poker.com. Traditionally the home of freerolls, Poker.com have launched a great new promotion for the more serious poker player. Secure your place in the Grand Final of ‘Your Seat Your Choice’ taking place online on the 19th January and you’ll be playing for a $12,500 package which you can use at any Poker Tournament on the planet! There are MTT’s and Sit n Go’s running all day, every day – just look:

Sit n Go’s just waiting for you, pick your stake! $2, $10 and $55 – these are running 24 / 7!

$2 MTT starting at 1.00am GMT (8.00pm ET), 6.30am GMT (1.30am ET), 11.30am GMT (6.30am ET), 2.00pm GMT (9.00am ET), 6.45pm GMT (1.45pm ET) and 9.00pm GMT (4.00pm ET) everyday.

$10 MTT starting at 2.30am GMT (9.30pm ET), 3.30pm GMT (10.30am ET), 7.30pm GMT (2.30pm ET) and Midnight GMT 7.00pm (ET) everyday.

$55 MTT Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 11.00pm GMT (6.00pm ET)

If you miss your chance at the satellites you can buy in to …

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เเทงหวยออนไลน์ Tracker Tracker Guide


John Vorhaus often says that if you’re not tracking your play, then you’re not a serious poker player. This shouldn’t be discouraging, since all you have to do to become a serious poker player is start keeping records. Poker Tracker is the preferred tool for this online by most poker players. It’s a software program that tracks your play and the play of the other people at your table. (You have to feed the software your hand histories.) Having used the free version for quite a while, I can vouce for what a great program it is.

Another fan of Poker Tracker is fellow poker blogger, Iggy, who writes Guinness and Poker. Iggy and a colleague of his have written a 65 page guide to how to get the most out of your เเทงหวยออนไลน์ software, and this guide is called (appropriately enough) the Poker Tracker Guide. It’s available for only $20. I’m going to give a very brief review of it here, and just say that it’s excellent. If you’re a beginning online poker player, this guide and the software combined will take your game to the next level.

In fact, it’s probably going to take my game to the next level, and I’ve been playing poker online for almost two years now.

Busted Out in the WSOP

The following famous people have busted out of the World Series of Poker so far:

Mimi Rogers

Phil Gordon

David Wiliams

Evelyn Ng

Tobey Maguire

Men “The Master” Nguyen

Erick Lindgren

Antonio Esfandiari

Daniel Negreanu

Todd Brunson

Kathy Liebert

And that’s just for starters. More interesting tidbits from the 2005 WSOP yet to come.

Cooler than Rock Stars

USA Today ran a great article on the WSOP today, and the best quote from the piece is that being a poker player is “cooler than being a rock star”. Now’s the perfect time for such a statement, since we’re approximately halfway into the biggest six weeks in poker. Most of the minor World Series of Poker events have now been completed, but the biggest event, the $10,000 buy-in No Limit event, doesn’t …

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Save Brassica Money “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Style


I scholarly a aggregation most saving money from the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. Brassica is a great bourgeois and really knows how to inform you to attain money and spend money. This prowess module inform you how to spend money “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” style.

The main premise of the Brassica Rich Dad, Poor Dad aggregation is that you requirement to kibosh intellection same an employee and start intellection same an owner. One of the first steps in this impact is to attain you money impact for you.

To often grouping keep their fund in a tralatitious fund account. However, they could be earning higher welfare on that money be finance in a broad welfare fund account, broad consent cds, broad welfare money mart accounts, or hit or bonds. Any of these choice typically clear better than the tradition brick and mortar slope fund account.

While Brassica spends most of his aggregation talking most how to process your earnings, he also explains how supine income and compounding welfare rates crapper really help you to spend money. By nonindustrial supine income streams you crapper earmark today’s effort to clear of bounteous instance even when you are not actively working it in the future.

Developing supine income streams is the genuine way to start antiquity a business. Unlike a 9 to 5 job, a supine income course crapper attain you money even patch you are not working.

Once you acquire money however, you also hit to be reinvesting that money into another course of income. This could be a broad welfare fund statement or broad welfare money mart accounts.

This money could also be invested into growth stock, dividend paying stocks or bonds. This identify of assets module often give you a higher convey on assets than a broad welfare evaluate fund account. However, you retrograde the security of FDIC insurance when you equip in stocks and bonds.

So, in visit to spend money “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” style, you requirement to be centering on earning money, nonindustrial supine income streams and ontogeny your fund finished finance it in broad …

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Situs slot deposit pulsa Gaining Recognition as Skill Game


“It’s all in the cards” – What a load of baloney. As any devout situs slot deposit pulsa player knows, the cards play a more minor role than most outsiders would ever believe. While the game’s practitioners and devotees have long been aware of this distinction, it seems as though the court of public opinion is finally beginning to swing our way. More than ever, individuals and entire nations are beginning to see that a winner’s edge comes not from the two pieces of paper in his or her hand, but from the quick computations and sharp observations made regarding their opponents.

Indeed, as David Sklansky, author of “The Theory of Poker” states, “expert players do not rely on luck. They are at war with luck. They use their skills to minimise luck as much as possible.”


Let’s be honest. The only reason that the United States government has shown reluctance to classify poker as a skill game is this – If poker is a game of skill, then it cannot be taxed and regulated as heavily as they want. Oddly enough, while the UIGEA legislation classifies poker as a game of chance, where the outcome is largely based on chance, it allows both horse racing and stock trading to go on unmolested.

Consider a study conducted in 2009 of more than 100,000,000 hands at PokerStars. Cigital, the company performing the test, found that 75% of the hands were decided before the players flipped over their cards. This is a strong argument that it is betting pattern and posture rather than hand strength which decides the outcome of any given match.

One of the game’s leading proponents, it happens, hails not from the felt, but from the chessboard. International grandmaster Garry Kasparov, widely recognized as the world’s best chess player, has spoken publicly about poker’s status as a skill game. Indeed, he has noted that poker may be a better teacher of risk/reward management, since players must base their decisions on incomplete information. In chess, he argues, players can see all the pieces. In poker, participants must pay …

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Jack Binion reportedly considering major Full Tilt investment


With an estimated $60 million deficit, Full Tilt Poker has been in desperate need of liquidity since Black Friday on April 15. The company has been actively pursuing potential investors and bank loans, all to no avail. Enter Jack Binion, who reportedly is considering making a major stake in Full Tilt.

Binion is one the most powerful players in the casino industry. He became President of Binion’s Horseshoe Casino and Hotel in 1963, when he was only 26 years old. As a member of both the American Gaming Hall of Fame and Poker Hall of Fame, and heir to the wealth of casino entrepreneur and mobster Benny Binion, Jack Binion is in a unique position. In a single investment, Binion could save Full Tilt and take significant ownership of its operations. Binion would assume a great deal of risk in any deal. A $60 million deficit is a difficult proposition in any business, but reports and rumors have been circling for days that this is a risk Binion is seriously considering.

According to multiple reports, both Jack Binion and Phil Ivey have been in Ireland recently to meet with Full Tilt executives. If Full Tilt secures a major investor like Binion, players could expect their money to be returned. Players will be forced to wait on cash outs until Full Tilt is able to secure a surge in liquidity. If that were to be provided by an American powerhouse figure like Binion, the possibility of Full Tilt’s return to the USA may be quickened. Full Tilt has announced that it has “pending deals with several parties that would put money back in players’ pockets.”

Black Friday is now officially over a month and half over with. Most U.S. players seem to have figured out a new site or travel arrangements to allow themselves to play at their old sites. Non-U.S. players are obviously having an easier time figuring out where they want to play, usually based on which site is now carrying the most traffic. PokerStars was relatively quick in giving their players (U.S. included) their money by withdrawals …

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Full Tilt keluar sgp Poker Updates Their Progress on Cashouts


Full Tilt keluar sgp Poker Room Management had promised that they would update their US-Based customers on the current status of their cashouts and when they could expect to see their player funds returned.  This past Sunday, as promised, they released an update that answered several important questions for players.  Here is a copy of their Press Release:

“Since April 15th and the days immediately following, Full Tilt Poker faced numerous challenges and hurdles to ensuring the smooth operation of its international business and the orderly return of US player funds. FTP has worked tirelessly to address these issues and has made significant progress on both fronts.



FTP’s international business operations are returning to normal while we focus on ensuring the safe and orderly return of US player deposits. We are absolutely committed to making sure that US players are refunded as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and the fact that we underestimated the time it would take to work through these issues. We will update our US players when we have more specific information to provide.”


It is important to note that in its original form, this update was accompanied by some questions and answers from FTP Management, and there it was revealed that all promos have been paid out, such as Take 2 and FTOPS Satellite Challenge. T$ and Ticket conversion is underway and will continue into next week. Pending rake back payments will also continue into next week. Iron Man Medals have also been distributed for play in the month of April.


What is not addressed here, frankly, is when US-based players can expect to see their money back in their hands.  The last sentence of the Press Release actually acknowledges that the information in the release does lack some specificity, and although we are starting to get a little bit more of the story, it is still impossible to know with certainty when cashouts will begin and players will be reunited with their money once again.


We can also say with confidence that the issues surrounding reimbursement …

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togel hongkong hari ini Tournaments at English Harbour

Tournaments for slots or online poker are a dime a dozen. They’re all over the place and if you visit any online casino you will find them. If you look for gambling news online, you will find countless mentions of slot tournaments and poker tournaments. They saturate the market like Lady Gaga or Obama. togel hongkong hari ini tournaments, however, are a little more difficult to find. At times, it requires sleuth-like skills that would make Sherlock Holmes (either the one from the book or the much different character in the recent movie) proud. Luckily, I found some good blackjack tournaments at English Harbour Casino.


Every week, there are two different blackjack tournaments going on at English Harbour, with one taking place during the week and the other being held on the weekends. Both tournaments are played on the game called Blackjack Vegas Strip…In case, you’re wondering, it’s not “strip” as in “remove clothing.” Just thought I’d let you know.


From Monday through Thursday, English Harbour Casino holds the Head2Head online blackjack tournament. In this tournament, you play for the pot, which means there is more money at stake the more people join the tournament and play. The entry fee is only $5 and there are unlimited rebuys. The prize money is split among the top 20 players in the tournament.


The Weekend Blackjack Classic, which is played Friday through Sunday, is where the big money is found. Here you are playing for a prize pool of $5,000. Again, the prizes are awarded to the top 20 players in the tournament. The top winner earns a very respectable $2500. The Weekend Blackjack Classic tournament has an entry fee of $10 and has unlimited rebuys.


It should be noted, for those new to blackjack tournaments, that your strategy should be a little different in tournament play. The reason for that is when playing a normal game of blackjack, whether it’s online or at a brick and mortar casino, the other players don’t matter. You only care about your cards in relation to the dealer’s cards. With online …

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