• June 1, 2022

Full Tilt keluar sgp Poker Updates Their Progress on Cashouts


Full Tilt keluar sgp Poker Room Management had promised that they would update their US-Based customers on the current status of their cashouts and when they could expect to see their player funds returned.  This past Sunday, as promised, they released an update that answered several important questions for players.  Here is a copy of their Press Release:

“Since April 15th and the days immediately following, Full Tilt Poker faced numerous challenges and hurdles to ensuring the smooth operation of its international business and the orderly return of US player funds. FTP has worked tirelessly to address these issues and has made significant progress on both fronts.



FTP’s international business operations are returning to normal while we focus on ensuring the safe and orderly return of US player deposits. We are absolutely committed to making sure that US players are refunded as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and the fact that we underestimated the time it would take to work through these issues. We will update our US players when we have more specific information to provide.”


It is important to note that in its original form, this update was accompanied by some questions and answers from FTP Management, and there it was revealed that all promos have been paid out, such as Take 2 and FTOPS Satellite Challenge. T$ and Ticket conversion is underway and will continue into next week. Pending rake back payments will also continue into next week. Iron Man Medals have also been distributed for play in the month of April.


What is not addressed here, frankly, is when US-based players can expect to see their money back in their hands.  The last sentence of the Press Release actually acknowledges that the information in the release does lack some specificity, and although we are starting to get a little bit more of the story, it is still impossible to know with certainty when cashouts will begin and players will be reunited with their money once again.


We can also say with confidence that the issues surrounding reimbursement of player funds (cashouts) is now in the hands of the individual companies, particularly now that PokerStars customers based in the US have received and continue to receive their cashouts.  So that implicitly rules out any external interference that is beyond FTP’s control – if FTP cannot facilitate the return of player funds to their customers, it is FTP’s issue, and theirs alone.


If you are a US-based FTP customer, you can continue emailing support and asking questions specific to your account.  We do in fact encourage you to find ways as a player/consumer to hold FTP accountable as best you can.  What we do not encourage is message board flaming, screaming obscenities in a forum, sending threatening messages, or any other form of hostility toward FTP.  They will not answer faster if you threaten them more graphically, so try to remain civil as you await your cashouts.  There are many players that are absolutely as frustrated as you are, and they are waiting to receive what’s due them, just like you are.  We at FTR will continue to keep you posted whenever there is new information to share.  Hopefully, the entire poker community will be celebrating FTP cashouts soon.  Until then, Good Luck at the Tables!