• April 1, 2021

Encryption and Email

Encryption has become one of the most important things today, this is because a lot of data today is stored online and it is important to keep all of that data safe. With the help of encryption that is made possible and all of that data that is stored online is made safer. Encryption is a process in which an algorithm changes the arrangement of the files in such a way that it is made unreadable. Almost all of us use one or the other Email service like Gmail or Outlook. When we use those websites, then we send and receive many important documents and we would not want them to get misused. That is the reason why we need email encryption.

General Information
When we talk about email encryption then we are talking about a different style of encryption. There are two types of encryptions, one is whole file encrypting and the other is client side encrypting.When a person uses third party software in order to encrypt an entire file then it is known as whole file encryption. Such a software uses a complicated process in which the algorithm rearranges all the contents of the file in such a way that it is impossible to read. This software or program also provides the user with a key that allows him to easily decrypt the data and this access key is restricted to authorized people only.
The other is client side encrypting, and it is very different from the latter. This is because client side encrypting is a process which is used to protect all the data on a computer that is connected to a server through a bunch of networks. When data is being transferred between computers then there is a chance that the data is intercepted before it reaches through. When there are such threats then client side encrypting is the way to go.

Email encrypting uses client side encrypting, this is because email services basically connect various computers through servers on various networks. Different types of information and files are sent and received through emails that is …

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Encrypt Your Files

The Basic Idea
The basic purpose behind encryption is the protection of important data. The idea is very popular nowadays and various algorithms plus softwares are used in this regard. The main reason behind the protection of data through encryption is to keep the important documents confidential and to disallow any unknown visitor or threat to sneak into the personal files of yours. Nowadays encryption is very important as with the advancement of technology many different viruses and professional hackers have advanced as well. In this article we will have a detailed look into the encryption phenomenon.

Windows operating system
The windows operating system is also equipped with the encryption feature and it has special driver which is named as Encryption file system. This driver is also referred with its abbreviation which is EFS. This particular driver is blessed with ability to make the files protected from any kind of attackers who may try to enter your system. The EFS driver utilizes the symmetric key in order to encrypt the files. Another name of this symmetric key is Encryption Key. As the name suggests symmetric algorithm is utilized by this key.
Though there is no harm in using the encryption feature provided by the windows operating system, however the issue is that it cannot provide you ample safety and security. The reason behind this insecurity is that the windows encryption is not that strong and any person with malicious intention can break your security through the usage of cracking softwares.
Data Protection Techniques

Data protection has always been something difficult and it is an issue which is being faced by everyone. There are many data protection techniques available which one can apply in order to safe his or her important files. A common technique which most of the people use nowadays is coding and this coding is done on the notepad file. The coding helps the users in the creation of a folder which is encrypted and where the users can safe their important documentations. The folder also allows the users to lock the file via password. Still this …

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Data Encryption: An Insight

The world in which we live, most of the everyday tasks are done online. This means that all the data that is online is at constant risk of being stolen or exposed. This is where the need for encryption arises, although encryption is something that is not applied everywhere just because most people do not need it. The word encryption itself refers to the process through which all messages, files and other important data are encoded in such a way that all the contents are secure. You usually store your confidential information, whether it is medical files, office work and assignments on your computers. You surely need to protect your important documents and for that encryption is very necessary for you.

One of the most famous and advanced security application is Encrypt Stick. The Encrypt Stick is basically portable software which has the ability to convert the USB flash drive into a vault of personal nature. The software also makes the USB flash drive your key for security and access to the private files. Operating the Encrypt Stick requires the USB flash drive which is serial numbered. As a user the Encrypt Stick helps you in creating unlimited encrypted vaults (invisible) on hard drives which are removable and computers which are unlimited.
Some Benefits
The biggest damage which you can suffer in case you have not encrypted your files is identity theft and this theft is best prevented through the encryption software. Identity theft is something that is a huge problem and it needs to be dealt with. The victims who are able to identify the theft were only 15% and this theft was also identified once action of proactive nature was taken by their companies. The resolution of identity theft took the victims 330 hours. About 73% of the respondents reported that the nature of the crime involved the culprit obtaining a credit card. The damage and psychological impact of the cybercrime was similar to a violent crime. The points mentioned above have been listed to make the readers understand the importance of encryption.

Due to encryption your …

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Benefits of Encryption

Encryption is a very essential part of modern day computers and as a normal person who has loads of personal data stored in your computer; you need to get your hands on proper encryption software for yourself. There are many companies out their varying from country to country that provide quality encryption softwares hence finding good software would not be that difficult for you. We have many online shopping portals as well from where these softwares can easily be purchased from. Listing the technical working of encryption software would not be easy here. The basic purpose behind this article is to list some benefits of Encryption and these benefits are discussed in the headings below

The first benefit is more psychological in nature and we have named this benefit as peace. Due to encryption your mind is free of worries and even if your computer gets lost or stolen still you are not worried at all as you know that all your data is safe and sound. Your mind is at peace and you are stress free due to the installation of encryption software in your computer. Nobody has the power to enter your computer without your authorization and permission.

Prevention of Theft
The biggest damage which you can suffer in case you have not encrypted your files is identity theft and this theft is best prevented through the encryption software. According to one survey which was held back in the year 2003 by the Identity Theft Resource Center gave the following insights
– The victims who are able to identify the theft were only 15% and this theft was also identified once action of proactive nature was taken by their companies
– The resolution of identity theft took the victims 330 hours
– About 73% of the respondents reported that the nature of the crime involved the culprit obtaining a credit card
– The damage and psychological impact of the cybercrime was similar to a violent crime
The points mentioned above have been listed to make the readers understand the importance of encryption
The pre-boot password authentication …

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US Justice Department seizes online gambling ad cash – Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang

The US Department of Justice seized $3.2 million paid to Discovery Communications by Tropical Paradise sportsbook for advertising, a report in the New York Times said this week. The report said DOJ officers regularly seize Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang funds they believe may be involved in money laundering, terrorism or drug smuggling, and now their remit seems to have stretched to include online gambling.

Tropical Paradise, an online casino based in Costa Rica, paid Discovery the cash in October to advertise its ParadisePoker.com internet poker room. According to legal documents, the US government confiscated the money and told Discovery it could be acting illegally by running the ads.

The backdrop to this case is that US Federal prosecutors can’t go after the casino operators as they internet casinos are typically run Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang offshore or in Central America. So for the past year, the US has been trying to put the squeeze on the sites by pressuring US companies that service the casinos, saying they are ‘aiding and abetting’ the offshore operators. Until recently, that pressure has been about gaining information from the media outlets that carry the ads for online casinos. The confiscation of cash represents a new phase in the battle.

However, the move has provoked opposition from some quarters in the US, notably on legal and First Amendment issues: ‘This is Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang not drug money or terrorist money,’ said Rodney A. Smolla, dean of the University of Richmond School of Law. ‘The fact it is being treated as such shows a crusader’s zeal against offshore gambling.’

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Poker for leisure


While most of the time I’m playing poker the goal is to make maximum profit and get that profit back into my bank account there are times when I play poker just for the fun of it. One of my roommates made a big cash last year for over $2000 in one tournament and since then only plays for fun. He never went up in limits and still plays the $5 SNGs with my other roommates just for a nice break from school work. I decided to take a one week break and not play as much or as seriously for two reasons: 1) Poker has not been as fun lately, and I find myself less willing to open Pokerstars, and 2) I have 3 finals coming up next week and I need to focus on my schoolwork! visitez le site


I’ve taken most of my bankroll off of pokerstars and left myself $40 to mess around with in the next week just playing what I feel like, nothing too demanding or stressful. This quarter in school has been …

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