• August 22, 2022

Skin Firmness Crucial in Neck Liposuction

As more consumers have become interested in neck liposuction, plastic surgeons have identified the best type of candidates and methods to improve results. People have become interested in neck liposuction for the following reasons.

Improve neck profile

Reduce the appearance of a double chin

Improve the appearance of neck lines and rolls

In the 1970’s, liposuction was used for neck enhancement in Europe. Later, lasers were used to leverage neck liposuction results. Simultaneously, the concern about skin elasticity arose. Today, the best candidates for neck liposuction today are those that have minimal loose skin and localized fat deposits. When such is not the case, a neck lift or combination neck lift and liposuction may be the optimal approach to treatment. Liposuction treatment itself does offer some skin retraction. The use of laser may also offer skin retraction. Skin retraction helps to provide skin firmness and prevent the appearance of loose skin. The combination may be the best approach for loose skin, but a neck lift may omit the need for laser.

During neck liposuction, small inconspicuous incisions will be made so that a cannula with vacuum suction apparatus may be inserted under the skin to break up and remove excess fat. A laser may be applied over specific treatment areas to leverage skin tightening. Yet, when both methods are expected to limit adequate skin tightening, the neck lift may be appropriate. Often times, instead of using a laser, the neck lift is performed.

The neck lift may involve small incisions at the base of the ears, extending behind the ears and possibly under the chin. The procedure is often performed in conjunction with a face lift procedure. However, it may be performed alone. During the neck lift procedure, underlying tissue and skin is tightened, possibly trimmed and sutured into a tightened position.

The advantages in both neck liposuction and neck lift procedures are that they are relatively simple plastic surgery procedures that do not require much time. Both the neck liposuction and neck lift may be performed at the same time. There is little discomfort associated with the procedures and medication is provided to ease the pain. The recovery time is usually a few days. The results continue to improver over time. Comprehensive neck enhancement may provide improvement to excess fat, skin tightening and reduction in the appearance of neck rolls and lines. For any Aesthetics agency related help, visit Aesthetics agency