• October 1, 2021
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USA Situs Judi Online Casino Now Accepts PayPal

USA Casino now accepts PayPal for deposits and withdrawals. PayPal is quickly becoming the world’s largest Internet-based payment network, with a customer base of more than 9 million and growing.

USA Casino has joined the growing number of online casinos who have turned to PayPal to side-step credit card transaction problems. Prestige Casino and Magic Casino are two other Boss Media-powered casinos that recently announced they are accepting PayPal.

For more information on PayPal, see Is PayPal the Answer?

USA also Debuts Multiplayer Pai Gow and Killer Whale Slots

USA Casino has added Pai Gow Poker to its selection of multi-player casino games. Pai Gow Poker is a blend of the ancient Chinese game of Pai Gow with American Poker and is a great favorite in American casinos.

The object of the game is to use seven dealt cards to construct two hands that will beat the dealer’s two hands. USA boasts that this is “the most realistic game of Pai Gow Poker you’ll find on the Net.”

USA has also debuted the new Killer Whale 5-deck slot poker, a game that combines the excitement of slots and video poker. The five-deck, five-reel machine, allows players to win up to 10,000 coins or $50,000.

Tournaments Galore and a $10k Giveaway

Tournaments – in the casino and on the tennis court – seem to be the theme for this weekend’s online casino picks from the WINNERonline team.

Omni Casino

Omni Casino is always a great place to play, with good comps and travel reward programs, excellent service, and top-notch software.

But there’s an even better reason to check out Omni these days – the chance to win $1 million!

Omni Casino is sponsoring the Hamlet Cup, which is part of the prestigious U.S. Open tennis tournament. Omni is giving away $1,000,000 to the casino player who can guess the Toto SGP winner and loser plus the exact final score of the Open men’s finals on September 9.

Another great promotion is the $70 deposit bonus. Players earn $20 on their first deposit and another $50 on their second deposit of $150 …

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Internet Judi Online Terpercaya Gambling Dodges a Bullet – Again

On October 17, 2001, the U.S. House of Representatives passed Bill HR 3004, otherwise known as the “Financial Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001.” Most of the bill is designed to go after money laundering operations and “suspicious” financial transactions that involve terrorism, but somehow two provisions targeting Internet gambling were thrown into earlier drafts.

The night before the voting took place, however, these two sections were deemed to be “non-germane” by the House Rules Committee and removed. And with that amendment, Internet gambling dodged another in a series of bullets.

This is the fourth time over the last three years that the Federal Government has tried to prohibit Internet gambling in one form or another. Each attempt has failed, either due to technical rules within Congress, processes taking too long, or by majority votes against certain bills.

According to the House Rules Committee, the Internet Toto SGP gambling text was specifically removed from the bill this time because it did not belong. And this move seems to send a signal that time is on the gaming industry’s side. Online gambling is growing in popularity and it is becoming more acceptable to legislators.

According to Internet gaming lawyers, the decision to pull the gambling sections from the terrorist bill means that the industry is in the same position it was before the legislation was introduced. “Nothing has changed,” according to one industry source.

With regard to the legality online wagering, an Internet gaming lawyer stated, “The U.S. government tried to define what was illegal with regards to Internet gambling. While that part of the bill was revoked, the current law neither says its legal, nor does it state it’s illegal. It still remains undefined, just as it did when Internet gambling started.”

Major points of the new anti-terrorist legislation include:

  • Any offshore bank account operated by a company with a branch/office in the U.S. (i.e., HSBC Cayman Islands) will be considered a U.S. account. Any funds can also be seized from the branch/office in the U.S.


  • New verification procedures will be instituted for opening a bank account. Falsifying one’s identity will
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